Friday, June 25, 2010

Lean Cuisine French Bread Pizza

So you are thinking why is the Fat Pride Times reviewing a "diet" foodstuff. Yes, we mostly partake in the fatty foods around here, however we also cover anything we find interesting and this item was on sale for 1.49 (normally around 2.99) so we decided to bank a few and have at em.

Also these low fat foods are great for "buffering on a bender" - meaning you can just keep putting them down your piehole as they are not very filling.

This offering from Stouffer's Lean Cuisine line was a nice buy. It toasted up nice and crisp with their built-in crisper aluminum thing. We also did a box photo to real item comparison and found these were the same as they were depicted on the box. That always earns points with the FPT staff. We encourage you to try these - also you can sprinkle your own topping onto these and pump up the volume.

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Catherine said...

I wouldn't mind having some. 1.49 is not very expensive.

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