Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pemmican Beef Brisket BBQ Jerky - The FPT team review

One of our staffers found this nice sized portion of Pemmican Beef Brisket jerky on sale for 1.99 - excellent deal. For some reason, before sampling it the overall take was this was an off-brand and expectations were set low.

To our suprise - this jerky is excellent. It is made from beef brisket meat and is nice and tender. Another suprise was when we saw 2 white packets inside the bag - one was your standard 'preservation' packet - but the other was unusual and freaked us out for just a second. Then we saw it was a little plastic keychain click-it light. We love those things - they come in handy when bendering and you drop some food or whatnot.

In closing - we want to acknowledge the great message printed on the back from the company. The message tells you that they are trying really hard to improve their products and they ask for your input on if they are doing well. We like it when companies tell it straight up. Respect the Pemmican brand.


Anonymous said...

I live in Texas and wish we had Pemmican here. Where can I buy it?

Pemmican said...

Thank you for your interest, we certainly appreciate it. You can find Pemmican in Texas at the following retailers: Tom Thumb, Randalls, Albertsons and Rite Aid.
We hope you enjoy!

TEAM FPT said...

Thanks for checking in Pemmican!

We found a second store thant still had more of your beef brisket jerky - now all of our friends have your little white light clickers om their keychains!

Plus - we LOVE your jerky!