Thursday, June 10, 2010

Food Adventures Episode 1 of 16 - Mountain Man Heads West Seeking to Sample In n' Out Burgers Among Other Things

From our fine friend Etathed in West Virginia:

On a recent journey away from my home in the mountains of West Virginia, i traveled up the western cost of the great USA. I ate many good meals and captured several jpgs along the way. One of the greatest things about traveling is enjoying different foods, both fast and fancy varieties.

Early on in my journey i stopped for lunch at an In N Out burger south of Santa Barbara. I had only visited In N Out once before, during a meet and eat with fellow prider, B2, in Las Vegas. Being a staple of fast food in the west In n Out was definitely on my "to eat" list during this trip. Double Double with onion, no tomato and vanilla shake.

After a gorgeous sunset in Pismo beach, Ca. my dinner would be a sushi feast at Yanagi Sushi. It was delicious. This place was great! delicious sushi, a nice environment, and an appetizer i never had.

In the picture above...
Upper left: Fried jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and spicy tuna Upper right: Fire Cracker Roll - Spicy scallop and crab meat topped with spicy tuna with spicy sauce. In front: 911 Roll - chopped shrimp and spicy vrab wrapped with avocado and served with spicy mayo, and in the picture below... some yellow tail and tuna...

I would recommend this place for sure and there seems to be a few more locations if you live in these western areas, check their site to see if there is one near you.


Yancy - Leveling said...

Thats a solid burger there.
Did you read the jesus stuff on the bottom of your drink?

etathed said...

Hi Yancy, I did indeed see some jesus stuff on the bottom of me vanilla shake. And you are right, it was a solid burger. Wish i had me one right now.