Thursday, June 10, 2010

Potato Chip Bag Collection - Sealed/New - From Anonymous Reader

Today we received an email from "The Chipster" - a reader who collects potato chip bags - still sealed and all. The Chipster told us he wanted to share pictures of his collection with others in hopes of finding other collector's who share his passion and have his level of self-control to amass such a collection without eating them.

The collection above is of over 60 bags total - truly wide variety of chips represented - many very unique. We are proud to display his "Potato Chip Museum" on the FPT!


etathed said...

GD! That is some collection! I like those stand up displays. Any chance The Chipster could send in a list of all the bags in text form?! There are a couple that i dont recognize, but am interested in!

Anonymous said...

I need some infomation about brand chips.Let me the name and brand make this chips. sorry for my english is not very well! Thank you for the answer and be care of you
oki The bag is blue glitter i think the name is puffet????I don't know they make it!!

Pete said...

hey - I collect chip bags - not full - but - glad to see someone else who likes that stuff - I have some of my collection up at - drop me a line! (