Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BBQ Chicken Pizza - Microwaveable - By Culinary Circle @ Albertson's

Team FPT is truly down with good BBQ chicken pizza and we found this single-serve one made by Culinary Circle at Albertson's on sale for 2.50. Would guess it was about 6/7" in diameter in size and it comes with a nice "flash crisper tray" for microwave heating.

This appears to be one of those 'store' brands - where they try to look fancy but keep the price low. So working under this premise, our staff set expectation levels to about a 5 out of 10. The box photo looks really tasty and we were eager to do a comparison of actual pizza to the photo on the box. As you can see above, we laid half the pizza right next to half the box and did a match-up.

As for the quality - very very good plus(8). Portion was small for a prider - we recommend you buy two. However that is our standard rule of thumb with any food item we endorse. Culinary Circle gets a solid 9 in representation as the photo matches the picture - nice work!

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