Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Big City Dog's Guy Castellano - N.Y. City Trumps The Jamba Juice Goof Ad & Actually Makes A Cheeseburger Smoothie

Big ups to our man, Guy Castellano, owner of Big City Dogs and Big City Dogs II, which New Times readers smartly picked as Best Burger in this year's Best Of Broward-Palm Beach readers' poll.

When approached by a reporter from the Broward Palm Beach New Times and asked if he would be willing to take the current FAKE Jamba Juice ad (where they spoof the making a cheeseburger smoothie) to the next level, Castanello manned-up and without appearing fazed said Yes!

Pictured above is the final result. However the step by step making is found on the link below with both text and lots of great photos. Worth the click - and remember to respect Guy Castellano's "Authority". Full Article/Media - Broward Palm Beach New Times

Thanks to Devin Desjarlais for sharing this!

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