Monday, August 16, 2010

Tater-Tot Takedown 2010

This year's Tater Tot Takedown is a rumble between FPT staffer Mel and regular contributor B2. As you can read a few posts down, this year's event was very competitive with both sides talking some serious trash. Each party was allowed to introduce one additional 'thing' edible or not to the tater tot plate. Well it is time to deliver and here we go.

PLEASE take a moment and vote for your pick of the two via the poll found on the right side of your browser. No holds barred match.

First up is the challenger B2: "I started with premium Ore-Ida Tater Tots. Cooked them at 450 degrees for 20 minutes. Tots where then topped with a shredded Mexican 4 cheese blend and baked for another 5 minutes. For those who did not know. Ore-Ida is short for Oregon-Idaho"

Reigning champ Mel offered up the dish below with this commentary: "These Ore-Ida brand Tater Tots were oven-baked to perfection on a slab of aluminum foil. Upon pulling them out of the oven at the exact perfectly glowing crispy time, I had to float one off so I used the foil to make a solid almost sealed oven-ball which kept them nice and hot when I returned app. 6 minutes later".


Big Billiam - NY said...

I respect the fast thinking by Mel.
However, cheese wins over.

etathed said...

I agree with Big Billiam. It's a no brainer, B2's tots reign supreme. Mel didn't even introduce the one extra item permitted by the rules and quite frankly that disappointed me.

Extra Points to B2 for his knowledgeables in regards to the Ore-ida brand, that was news to me.

Chef Johnny said...

I'm a FPT n00b, but will weigh in here anyway. I have to vote for the cheese blanket. Had I be an entrant to the tator tot cage match, I might have deep fried some Crispy Crowns to the perfect level of golden goodness and then perhaps prepared a fresh pico de gallo for topping or side dipping and garnished the plate with a sprig of cilantro. Is that too hoity toity for FPT?

etathed said...

Sounds well righteous Chef, but the Tot Takedown rules limits you to only one additional item. I don't see why you couldn't submit your tots to the FPT as an ineligible for competition entry as your vision sound very proper.