Wednesday, August 04, 2010

KFC - Colonel Sanders Sandwich Box - What's Really Going On?

Maybe it is just us, but does it not look like the two pressed down box-tabs are right where the Colonel's nipples would be?


Medford Melvin said...

Why did you push both those notches down?

You Bi-Curious?

Negative Nancy said...

I expect better from the FPT.

Ad-Hoc Team FPT said...

No, people, No.
Please do not go there.
As a sharp reader pointed out to us there are 2 brand logos on this box. KFC & KGC. The word is that KFC may change its name to Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

BarnaMOBI said...

I can also add that the word Kentucky is no longer in the name for awhile now, it is now "Kitchen Fried Chicken", please update your roladex.