Friday, August 13, 2010

Tater-Tots Takedown 2010

Its that time of year again - we are excited about our 3rd annual Tater-Tots Takedown contest where a reader attempts to best the FPT test kitchens in a "no holds barred" cookoff. The match will be held this weekend with both photos posted for you to vote on

This year B2 is up against Team FPT and yesterday at the weigh-in there was a lot of smack talked:

Team FPT: what you got
B2: tot or not
Team FPT: my tots so tasty - strippers lose their pasties
Team FPT: my tots so tight - foos eat em all night
Team FPT: your tots so weak - make a genuis freak
B2: i got tots - for robots and gobots
Team FPT: your tots got tuned down by the 99cent store
Team FPT: (turned)
B2: your tots are so soggy - look like the been cooked by a froggy
Team FPT: damn
Team FPT: i want to eat your children
B2: my tots are crispy - like agatha christy
B2: my tots are tight - like dolomite
Team FPT: when the game is on - my tots are quickly gone
B2: my tots are tight - like afternoon delight
Team FPT: during the tot battle - you will be up shit river aint havin no paddle
B2: my tots are on point - like a 3 paper joint
Team FPT: tots from an amateur - end up under the furniture
Team FPT: watch my tater tots shine - like my desk is pine
B2: your tots are weak - like dontes peak
Team FPT: your tots are not
B2: your tots are lame - like a 8 bit nintendo game
Team FPT: your tots are tasting sour - mine have the USA power
Team FPT: your tater tots are so greasy - i cooked my bird in the oil drippins


DONKING said...

Do either of you fellows need representation?

Tomas D. said...

It is 4:20 FYI

Tomas D. said...

It was.
Do not doubt Tomas D.

Hugh E said...

this will be of epic portions

etathed said...

When's this mafer kick off?!

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