Wednesday, August 04, 2010

KFC Doublicious New Chicken Sandwich Team FPT Review

The new sandwich from KFC combos up a boneless chicken filet, bacon, cheese, and is held together with a sweet Hawaiian Bread bun. We received a big flyer full of coupons at the FPT test kitchens - one of which was for this new Doublicious sandwich for 2.99. We did like that the coupon allowed for 2 at this price - that is unusually good! As you know our standard rule is to always buy 2 of everything - always and everytime.

What was unusual was that they toast the bottom bun - and one of ours was placed upside down in the container. We found it very confusables. The sandwich was decent - clean chicken meat with no gristle found. The bacon was of decent quality as well as the cheese. As for the sweet hawaiian bun, we forgot about that part and did not notice the flavor as we sampled thru.

Our Team FPT take on this sandwich is that the portion is kind of small and overall we found it fair' to middlin'. Quality was up to par - but without the coupon and the 2.99 price - we would not be ordering this based on costs.

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