Sunday, August 22, 2010

KFC 70th Anniversary Fried Chicken Special Meal/Bucket Deals

Our good friend Tomas D. received a mailer with some pretty impressive savings on KFC meals & buckets and volunteered to try a few of them and present a mobi-media report for us. Now this KFC bender stretches from a Sunday to the following Wednesday AM.

Sunday afternoon, Tomas enjoyed the chicken strips meal pictured above for only 3.99 - not too bad. However, the 'fake' butter and honey 'sauces' were a true letdown. That evening, having been on a bender, he opted to use the 5.99 for 7 pieces bucket coupon and visited again - twice in like 6 hours. Tomas managed to eat 4 or maybe 5 of these original recipe pieces, then power-napped and in his hypno-sleep gave the leftovers to a neighbor on a fogwalk.

Monday passed uneventful - however Tuesday PM Tomas found himself driving by the KFC and remembered the clerk gave him back the coupon to use again - which is pretty cool all around! Snatching up another 7 piece bucket, Tomas went home and ate 5 pieces, saving 2 for grub in the AM as he had an early awakening set. Upon returning home Tuesday AM he managed to gorge the kast two down and pass back out.

Let us do the math here people:

4 Chicken Strips
Taters & Gravy
Biscuit with fake sauces
12 pieces original recipe chicken

Time Period: 63 hours

Most priders would laugh and this and say get me another bucket. But something went teribly wrong for Tomas. His gut clenched up and he could not float his snakes properly. Basically he lied in bed for 3 days - finally passing the end of it Saturday morning.

Now Tomas can hold his own when it comes to quantity eating - we watched him eat a whole spiraled ham at the staff X-mas party. How much KFC should one eat and in what time period? This question remains unanswered. Maybe it wasn't the chicken? Anyone care to share any similar bird-bender tales?

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etathed said...

i am curious about the dippin sauces used with those strips.

as for what caused Tomas' troubles.... im not sure, that isnt an absurd amount of bird in that time frame. maybe it was that honey, i steer clear of honey as it is madeby those devilish little insects.