Friday, August 06, 2010

Bottle Caps Candy - Vintage Candy Favorite Available Again Via Willy Wonka

Team FPT gives out a large feedbag yell to Willy Wonka Candy Co. for bringing back the candy that p'owned the 70's - "Bottle Caps". These are sold in a box - those of you old enough to remember the original will recall they came in a lil bag like M&M's (but just a little bigger). Katy (FPT staffer) says that she remembers a 7-up flavor in the 1970's, we have sent this to our fact-checker Melvin for authentication.

These are very close to the originals. They taste like soda flavors and have the look of a bottle cap as they should. When you see these buy 2 bags and enjoy.

AD-HOC CONTEST: whomever can name the man whose eyes we have covered with the bottle caps candy will win a prize from the FPT. Also - to clarify, we are not mocking the man in the photo - actually it's the exact opposite - we truly respect his authority. Just happened that one of his books was next to us during the taste trials (there is a subtle hint in that last sentence for you.)


Jess said...

Jeffery Steingarten? :)

FPT Staff said...

Sorry. That is incorrect.
Would you like to use a lifeline?

etathed said...

Sir Anthony Popcans?

Fat Bastard said...

Sir Eats A Lot