Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Doritos Collisions: Custom 8 Flavor Chip Bag From Our Friend Yancy

The always eccentric Yancy has topped himself yet again. Inspired by Doritos Collisions chips - which feature 2 chip flavors in one bag - Yancy took this concept up a notch and mixed 8 Doritos flavors together to form a multi-tier chip collision bag. The custom made and labeled bag is to be admired as well.

Yancy combined eequal portiions of the following into one large serving:

2nd Degree Burn Doritos
3rd Degree Burn Doritos
Sweet Thai Chili Doritos
Tailgater BBQ Doritos
Mr. Dragon's Doritos
Stadium Nacho Doritos
Cheesy Enchilada Doritos
Sour Cream Doritos

To the best of our knowledge this is the World's Record for Chips Collusions. Many thanks to Yancy and his efforts - the last we heard from him he was 1/2 way thru the 8 flavor chip bag.


Mel - Medford, OR said...

I cant reach Yancy on his cell. Anyone talk to him the 'morning after'?

Coos Bay Carol said...

I am interested in a HQ Jpg media shoot of this custom made bag and the contents.

Yancy - call me on my cell.

Remember Me? I know you do.