Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Regular FPT Poster Tells Of His Encounter With "Herr's Gone Wild"

Regular contributor - Etathed - sent us this message and media pack today sounding disturbed and very concerned:

Just picked up this massive jug of Herr's Jalapeno Popper Cheese curls. They were a reduced price and a Prider Sized. Despite the experation date being 6 days away... something is very wrong with these. Very Wrong. They have a horrible chemical like taste and smell. Almost something like a glue like taste. The only way i can describe it is "contaminated." At first i thought it was just a horrible attempt at jalapeno popper flavoring, but no this is "on top" of the flavoring. Horrible Horrible Horrible! If you see this giant tub of Herrs Jalapeno Popper cheese curls I would advise not getting them.

The Fat Pride Times is always leary of deeply discounted pricing on foodstuffs. While we respect Etathed's authority - the FPT has not taken an official stance on this concern - we have the jar being sent to us overnight via Fed-Ex for examination in our 500 foot underground test kitchens.


Dr. Foot said...

I aint never seen cheetos in a jar before. That jar glass or plastic?

Do you have a touch-tone phone?

etathed said...

*NOTE* These were NOT CHEETO's brand cheese curl's, they are from HERR'S. I have never had a bad experiance with cheeto brand, a brand of which i am big supporter of.

The Jar is plastic, and i will not comment on my phone.

Rich said...

It could be that the fat in it has gone "rancid"- oxidized I believe. I found that in a batch of vanilla cookies once. The taste was much like a chemical- something like floor wax, not that I've tasted floor wax, but it tasted the way I imagine floor wax would taste.