Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Domino's Pizza Recipe - They Made Their Pizza Better So We Should Buy A Shirt From Them?

Certainly most of you readers have seen the latest Domino's Pizza advertising campaign where they admit they made crap pizza in the past and now offer a better improved product. We respect their honesty about making crap pizza in the past - but we have not tried this 'alleged' new more better pizza they are making.

As you can see in the photo above of an ad in a nationwide newspaper - they also claim to have beaten Pizza Hut & Papa John's in a taste test. Great. But they also want you to buy their gear - 14.95 for a hat and 12.95 for a shirt.

Do we need to break this down any further to see how wrong this is (in our opinion). They should be give-aways or contest/customer promos or shot out of tubes at MLB games. Asking the consumer to fork over 14.95 for a hat declaring Domino's Pizza the best - after serving crapcan pizza for 10+ years, TEAM FPT believes is in poor taste.

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YancyMan said...

This is a load.
Domino's would not survive a multi-tier trade with such cockiness.