Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Awesome Canadian Potato Chips Flavors - From Rookie Mobi Reporter J. Knecht

Please welcome our newest Mobi Reporter - John Knecht from Canada. He contacted a mutual friend of Team FPT and put something together for us to show you that is truly awesome. We did know that in Canada they offer some interesting chip flavors. We have heard of "Zesty Mordant & Dressed All Over" - among others. Thanks to John, we realize what we have been missing and are assembling an international travel team to acquire cases of the chips he mobi-photoed.

Picture is a screen shot of the actual active page - click below to view the big pics - no logins or anything - just click and WOW.

To quote John:
"My first contribution to FPT. I'm hoping this consistent with what is expected from a mobi contributor" - (No worries John - You nailed it solid!). Why can't we get chip flavours like this in the U.S.? I'm getting tired of the classic BBQ... I couldn't resist the Buffalo Wings & Blue Cheese and they rocked".

Click Here For John's Awesome Chips Gallery


Chef Johnny said...

Kool and the gang. Thanks for posting. I am always quick on the shutter to capture my sordid food exploits, so expect more mobi contribs from me. I have also started a personal foodie blog at http://chefjohnnychicago.blogspot.com

Live, love, laugh.. but most importantly - EAT!

~ Johnny

Chip Collector said...

Nice post Chef Johnny.
I am the anonymous chip collector here in the USA. Only one that I know of. I keep em sealed new and I score in-store displays from the guys who work there.

Would you consider a bulk-swap?
Team FPT can verify my credententials and honesty. We have done many such a chip tradings and such.

Chip Collector said...

My FPT post is here:


Chef Johnny said...

Chipster - Sure, I'd be happy to hook you up. Although the orig post states I'm from Canada, I actually reside just outside Chi-town. The chips pictured are from when I visited Ontario earlier in the year - gots family folk there and I did used to live there last decade. I visit a few times a year and will be up there with more frequency seeing as my Dad has taken ill and I need to provide support and such. Shoot me an email at chefjohnnychicago (at) gmail . com and we can discuss barter. Cheers.

Big Billiam - From My BigRig Sleeper Cab said...

Canadians know how to roll with the chip flavors!

Next time I am driving close - Bangor, Maine - Im going over the border and loading up.

Do I have to pay some gd tariffs or whatnots?