Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MOBI MEDIA: 8 Flavor Doritos Collisions - 2nd Degree Burn, 3rd Degree Burn, Sweet Thai Chili, Tailgater BBQ, Stadium Nacho, Sour Cream, & Enchilada

Yancy did manage to self-film himself on this unusual attempt at what we believe to be the World's Record for variety of chips in a "state of collusion". Watch as he mixes the eight flavors, then shows off his custom made bag - which will be auctioned for charity in September. Yes, you also get to watch as he gives them a sample taste armed with a bottle of Pepsi Cease-Fire soda.


etathed said...

Bravo. BRAVO.

Tim - TreeMan said...

Did you eat that whole bag of 8 kinds of chips?

bBUS -OTD said...

Why no footage of the RC Doritos blimp that you made from the bag? It is still being tracked by NORAD on their site, and has been downgraded from possible Soviet threat to "unknown foily thing".